DIA DemClinic

DIA DemClinic - Online Memory Clinic

DemClinic is India's first expert-led cognitive assessment platform for the elderly. DemClinic leverages telemedicine technology to increase access to dementia screening, diagnosis, and care. The platform helps in getting timely diagnoses and faster access to experts. This initiative reduces the need for travel, eliminate the risk of contagious infection, mitigate the stigma by providing confidential assessment and provide equal access to care in the community. The goal of the platform is to reduce the treatment gap and circumvent issues pertaining to distance, scarcity of experts and indirect costs of seeking clinical services.

National Support Line

National Dementia Support Line

The National Dementia Support Line offers accessible and comprehensive assistance to individuals and families facing the challenges of dementia. The services include information, support, and guidance and promote timely diagnosis and intervention through online memory screening services to improve the quality of life of seniors, individuals with dementia, and their families All services provided through the National Dementia Support Line are offered entirely free of cost ensuring that access to crucial assistance is available to all.

DIA Directory

DIA Directory of Dementia Care Services

The DIA Directory contains a curated list of certified care providers for the convenience of persons with Dementia and their families.

Organizations involved in Dementia Care can request to be enlisted in the DIA Directory.


Training Programs

Dementia is a complex condition that affects memory, cognitive function, and daily living activities. Family caregivers, healthcare professionals, and students need to possess a deep understanding of dementia's progression, its impact on individuals and families, and strategies to manage the associated challenges. Proper training not only enhances the quality of care but also reduces caregiver stress and burnout.

DIA offers tailor-made training programs for Family Caregivers, Healthcare Professionals, Students of Nursing, Social Work and Psychology, and Formal Caregivers. 


DIA Online Discussion Forum

The DIA Online Discussion Forum is a safe, non-judgmental space where people can share their dementia journey experiences or lessons learned, share information or tips that may be useful to others and vent frustrations or fears about living with dementia or dementia caregiving.

Support Group

DIA Support Groups

Our Online Support Groups cater to a diverse audience, including family caregivers, healthcare professionals, students, and formal caregivers. Whether you're a spouse caring for your partner or a nurse working with dementia patients, you are welcome to join this compassionate community. Together, we forge bonds, share stories, and build resilience, all while nurturing the well-being of those we care for and ourselves.

Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends Program

Dementia Friends Movement is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the world thinks, acts and talks about the condition.

The Dementia Friends program is a global movement started by the Alzheimer's Society of England and Wales. Over the years, this movement has grown to have over 17 million Dementia Friends around the world and more than 50 Dementia Friends Programs in over 45 countries.



The DemChamps program is an effort by Dementia India Alliance to sensitize every young person about dementia. By actively involving students, we have the opportunity to not only raise awareness about dementia but also enhance the quality of care provided and eliminate the stigma surrounding the disease. Educating and engaging the younger generation will foster a culture of empathy and support, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and empathetic society for those affected by dementia. 

Dementia Friendly Hospital

Dementia Friendly Hospital

In order to help many healthcare organizations to develop more supportive design for persons with dementia, Dementia India alliance has developed a suite of dementia-friendly training tools for use in care settings.