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DIA Support Groups

Caregiving can often be isolating, especially for those who are homebound. DIA's Online Support Groups offer a community for caregivers, providing them with a platform to connect with others facing similar challenges. Through open discussions, shared stories, and expert guidance, caregivers discover they are not alone on this path.

Our Online Support Groups cater to a diverse audience, including family caregivers, healthcare professionals, students, and formal caregivers. Whether you're a spouse caring for your partner or a nurse working with dementia patients, you are welcome to join this compassionate community. Together, we forge bonds, share stories, and build resilience, all while nurturing the well-being of those we care for and ourselves. 

Expert talks and interactive sessions with care specialists on managing the different aspects of caregiving.

Establish friendships and share experiences with those travelling a similar journey of caregiving.

Makes caregiving less lonely and helps gain courage and resilience through leaning on others.

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