DIA DemClinic - Online Memory Clinic


India harbours 88 lakh individuals with dementia, set to triple by 2050. Disturbingly, 90% of those with dementia remain undiagnosed due to scarce memory clinics. Even the diagnosed 10% lack access to suitable services due to fragmentation. 

Urgent Need for Early Diagnosis and Management :
• While a cure remains distant, early diagnosis and intervention yield cost savings and improved outcomes.
• Early diagnosis grants answers, access to fitting services, legal and financial planning, enhancing life quality for individuals and families.
• The initial dementia phase can be extended through various interventions, both medical and non-medical.
• Prompt management preserves autonomy, upholds preferences in later stages.
• Early care supports caregivers while addressing dementia's impact on everyone involved. 

DIA-DemClinic is...

India's First online memory clinic leveraging telemedicine to expand dementia screening, diagnosis, and care reach.

Offering timely diagnoses, expert access, and confidential assessments, reducing the need for travel and stigma.

Endeavouring to address the Treatment Gap by addressing challenges such distance, expert scarcity, and clinical service costs.

A Comprehensive Services platform providing Memory screening, dementia assessments, expert management, and follow-up through interactive videoconferencing.

Step One: Initial Assessment
In-depth medical, psychiatric history, cognitive tests, and mental state examination. 

Step Two: Diagnosis and Treatment Consultation
Clinicians diagnose based on step one results, creating personalized care plans. 

Step Three: Post-Diagnosis Support and Follow-up
Offers advice on services and treatments. Access to training, support groups, and discussion forums.