DIA Chapters

DIA aims to have chapters all over India

Dementia India Alliance (DIA) Chapters stand as registered non-profit societies, devoted to aiding individuals impacted by Alzheimer's and dementia. These Chapters serve as conduits that unite caregivers, family members, healthcare professionals, and concerned individuals, all sharing a common dedication to the well-being of those with dementia.

What our Chapters offer:

  • Practical and Emotional Aid: Helplines and support groups offer tangible support and emotional solace.
  • Information and Guidance: Access to comprehensive information and valuable advice.
  • Advocacy Efforts: A platform for advocating to governments for better dementia care.
  • Empowering Education: Training sessions for caregivers and professionals.
  • Service Delivery and Research: Provision of essential services and engagement in impactful research.

We actively seek like-minded NGOs specializing in age care and dementia care to establish our Chapters. These Chapters will be established through formal Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs), adhering to DIA's principles.

We're currently seeking NGOs across India, particularly those demonstrating commitment to the cause, leadership capabilities, resource mobilization proficiency, and local government connections. Well-established local NGOs or institutions, regardless of their focus, can be strong candidates, leveraging their existing infrastructure and knowledge of NGO operations.

Interested in Starting a Chapter? Write to us -